Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photography Excursion

Martin has been interested in taking some pictures to make panoramas recently. We tried to make one of our apartment/room, but since it's so small, it didn't really work well. Yesterday, we decided to go back to some of the spots that we knew had great views of the city so that Martin could take pictures and make them into panoramas. We went to Corona Heights and to Tank Hill, aka number 17.5 Unexpected View Park. While he was taking the panorama pictures, I wandered around and took a few shots of my own (unfortunately, we're still waiting for the new memory card).

Martin setting up for his first panorama shots on Corona Heights.

Martin taking his panorama shots. Taken behind some rocks on Corona Heights.

Flowers in Corona Heights.

The weird circle of concrete on Tank Hill that was previously the base of a water tank. I think it would be fun for a dance party though the concrete is a little uneven.

My shadow on Tank Hill.

Graffiti on the rocks on Tank Hill. I liked how the only word I could make out was "in."

After Martin was done, we walked down to Golden Gate Park again. We were thinking that we would go to the new California Academy of Sciences, but the lines were out the doors and they were restricting the number of people who could enter the building. We decided to go get lunch instead and ended up at Pasquale's Pizzeria. When we were in the park, we found the National AIDS Memorial Grove, and walked through it. It was really beautiful.
While we were walking around to all of our random destinations, we saw some street stencils. I asked Martin if he would take some pictures of them, since I was all out of room. Hopefully, I'll have some time to work on that project some more.

An "official" street stencil about not dumping in the drains. You also see plastic signs on drains that are similar.

Firebirds near the corner of Hugo Street and 3rd Avenue.

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