Thursday, September 25, 2008

First phase complete

Tonight, Martin and I hit a milestone in our San Francisco experience. We're moving from our sublet in the Castro to our own apartment in the Lower Haight. I know that I've been bad about posting, but for now (as I need to return to packing our stuff) I offer you some pictures of our first home in San Francisco ...

The house number, notice the Chanel flower.

Inside the gate, more Chanel.

The light at the top of the stairs, still not inside yet.

The mural and fish tank in the living room.

Another living room shot, you can see a blurry me in the mirror.

Our first bedroom, we were bumped into the master bedroom a week ago because a new subletter was coming.

The fountain in the backyard outside our bedroom window.

Our second room, which was a tighter fit since Michael's stuff was still in the closet and bureau.

He has little lizards for window knobs.

And this is the clock in the office. The skirt is blurry because it moves.

Looking up in the niche between the houses on my way to the backyard.

A tomato from the backyard.

We'll be internet-less for a little bit in our new place. As soon as we get it all together, I'll post some pictures from there as well.