Wednesday, January 14, 2009

17. Mount Sutro (aka the Interior Park Belt)

I must say I didn't have very high expectations for this park outing, but it turned out to be my favorite so far. Mount Sutro is an area of undeveloped land owned by UCSF. For those Emory/Atlanta folks reading, it's kind of like Lullwater, but less tame and more woodsy. It was so nice to hear the wind in the trees. I didn't realize how long it had been. Even though we could still here sirens in the distance, it felt as though we were suddenly transported away from the city.

Here are the pictures I took. There are only a few because we haven't gotten a bigger memory card for the camera yet.

That last shot was actually taken on our way home. We came out of the park near the road that goes up to Twin Peaks. As we were walking down the road, I saw some stairs that didn't belong to a house. We went up and discovered this wonderful lookout spot. There was a big, circle of concrete that looked like it might have been the remains of some cistern or something. It was such a goregeous day, and we could see both the bay and out to the ocean. It's not marked as anything on the google maps, so I don't have an official name to give it. Let's call it the Unexpected View Park (no. 17 and a half).


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Unexpected View Park (no. 17 and a half) is Tank Hill Park. For more info visit: