Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laurynzilla vs. Sumo Martin

On Sunday, we met up with Tyrus, Martin's co-worker & friend, at Raymond Kimbell Playground. We walked up to Japantown, wandered around the shops, and had lunch. I bought some Japanese cards. Tyrus bought a rubber stamp that was a picture of his face. It turned out really well and was named the best purchase of the day. Tyrus also took the award winning photo above.On the way home, we walked through the Fillmore District, which has a strong jazz culture and music. We passed by the Church of St. John Coltrane, and couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign. They invited us to come by on Sunday for their 3 hour service based on the music of John Coltrane, but they assured us that we wouldn't be obligated to stay for the whole time.
Then, we stopped by Alamo Square to give Martin another chance to do a panorama. I took Tyrus up to the tiny, shoe garden that surrounds the tool shed in the park. It looks like they take shoes that have been left on the street or in the park and convert them into tiny planters. Every time I go, I feel like little elves should be walking around tending the shoes.

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