Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guess what Martin got me for x-mas?!?!?!

A digital camera of my very own!!!! It's tiny so I can carry it around with me with ease and grace (aka in my bag). I think the real reason he got me a camera was because of this - every single time we would go somewhere (a park, Seattle, down the street) I would be all, "Oh, take a picture of that," or "Take a picture of this," or "TAKE A PICTURE!!!" And he would smile, and look at me funny, silently saying, "But I don't want to take a picture of this or that." Sometimes I would wear him down and he would do it. Now, I can take the pictures myself and I don't have to be such a nag!!! Here are some of the pictures I took last night when I got it.

My very 1st shot with my new camera of my cute, but at the time sick Martin.

This is the Threadless shirt that was my x-mas gift to Martin.

Me trying to take a picture of myself but not knowing how to turn off the flash so I just blocked it with my finger creating a creepy blood red tint to the light.

Us - Martin was on the computer and I was still smitten with my new camera. You can kind of see that he's laughing at me. It's in his eyes.

Dude! We laughed so hard after seeing this picture. It totally looks like he's gone crazy and decapitated my smiling head.

Also, the camera can record little videos!!! Martin was excited about me being able to post them to the blog. You'll definitely be seeing more of the parks and San Francisco as I start to wander around with it. Now I just need to get a memory card that holds more than 10 pictures at a time. :)


Joan said...

I agree you two are tooooo cute.
What did you think of Frieda?
aunty joni

TerryMichaelMenard said...

what type of camera?

Theresa M. said...

cracking up!!

Lauryn said...

I thought Frieda was great! I loved how they incorporated her pieces into the film.

The camera is a Canon Power Shot SD790 IS Digital ELPH.