Monday, December 15, 2008

The SF Tour of Parks begins!

The Saturday before last, Martin and I took a walk up to Buena Vista Park. We'd gone up once before when we first moved here, but hadn't been back even though it's right around the corner from our house. When we first went up sunbeams were streaming through the trees creating a beautiful, surreal atmosphere. Martin and I grabbed a muffin and hot chocolate from Coffee to the People and enjoyed the many views of the city through the trees.

While up there, we spotted the nearby Corona Heights Park and decided to venture over since it wasn't too far of a walk. Unlike Buena Vista, Corona Heights has no trees, really it's just a big hill with some rocks on top. The view from the top is pretty amazing though. You can see all around. Martin thinks it would be a great place to watch the sunrise or set.

While on this little hike, Martin and I hatched the idea that it would be fun to visit a new San Francisco Park every sunny Saturday. Thus our Tour of SF Parks was born.

This past Saturday, we were headed to Bernal Heights when it started to rain. We detoured to the local food co-op to get some yummy granola for breakfast this week, and when we came out, the storm had passed. So we trekked up to the top of the hill. It was windy! We saw a number of dogs with their owners in the park area. There were also some hawks hovering in the breeze keeping an eye out for lunch I imagine.That's me on top of Bernal Heights Summit. I'm not sure what our next park is but I'll be sure to let you know after we get there!

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