Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never Blend In

We went to see Milk at the Castro Theatre! It's an amazing film that shares such an important, moving story about human rights, making a difference, and the engaging Harvey Milk. Not only was I overwhelmed by the film, I was overwhelmed to be seeing it in the Castro Theatre. To walk out and see the street where so much happened was a unique expereince.

It's interesting to be in a city that has such a rich history and focus on local politics. There were over 20 city ballot measures when we voted this year ranging from the funding for the children's hospital and the 911 service to the re-naming of the sewage plant to the George Bush Sewage Plant (unfortunately, that one didn't pass).

On election night, Martin and I wandered over to the Castro after we heard that Barack won and Prop 8 was still pending. Here's a picture of the party that was going on in front of the theatre. It's fun to live in such a progressive, open place where people still believe and work to make the city, nation and world a more accepting and safe place.

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culinspiration said...

Have you seen this? http://www.hulu.com/watch/49577/the-times-of-harvey-milk

I bet you'd enjoy.