Friday, December 5, 2008

2 Trips to the Golden Gate Bridge

After 3 months, we finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge, twice! The weekend before T-day Martin and I decided to take a bike ride. It had been weeks since I'd actually ridden. We decided to cycle through Pacific Heights - the rich people neighborhood - to the Marina, Crissy Field, the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge. We also stopped by the Exploratorium, but we didn't go in. Here's our route...
All in all it was a rather long day on bike and on foot, but it was a lot of fun.

Then, when Martin's sister came in town for Thanksgiving, we offered all of the neat things we've seen and haven't seen as options for her Friday tour of the city.
We ended up deciding to ...
  1. Take the F Market Trolley down to the Embarkadero to see the sea lions.
  2. Walk up to Little Italy and Chinatown.
  3. Take the bus to the Marina and walk through Chrissy Field and the Presidio up to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Here were the (random) highlights that emerged ...
  • Our trolly driver was totally crazy. He had a northeastern accent, cursed a patron for not pulling the cord, and offered important advice about pick pockets on the trolley.
  • Stopping by Molinari Delicatessen in Little Italy for sandwiches for lunch and eating them in Washington Square Park.
  • A live frog in a bucket of dead ones in a Chinatown meat shop.
  • Walking along the bay (when we cycled we were on the street and not on the walking path).
  • A hipster guitar player in the historic earthen works along the path to the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Watching a family try to stuff a giant Christmas tree in the door of their multi-million dollar house.
Most of all - getting to spend time with Sara, Martin's oldest sister. She headed back to Phoenix the next day along highway 1 with some beautiful blue skies. It was nice to spend time with her, and hopefully, I'll be able to post some of the pictures she took.

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