Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tour of SF Parks initial tally

It's been a quiet weekend. We didn't make it to another park because of x-mas shopping and general housekeeping chores, but I thought I would make a list of the parks that we have been to just so that we have a running tally.
  1. Golden Gate Park & the Panhandle - we went the first day we were in the city and wandered a bit in the Botanical Gardens.
  2. Mission Dolores Park - it was so close to our sublet. One night we bought sandwiches and sodas and ate dinner sitting in the park as the sun set.
  3. Duboce Park - my favorite dog watching spot. Tons of people bring there dogs to play in the leash free area here and it's near the trolley stop.
  4. Alamo Square - also right around the corner and made famous by Full House, I mean, the Painted Ladies.
  5. Buena Vista Park - I posted about that trip already but visitors beware Martin has decided this is a must see if you come to visit and it's a definite up hill journey.
  6. Corona Heights Park - a perfect light rock climbing spot with amazing views.
  7. Union Square Park - I went with Danny when he came to visit a while ago and we saw a free modern dance performance that was really cool. Oddly though there's a lot of concrete here for this to be called a park in my opinion.
  8. Washington Square Park - we ate sandwiches here when Martin's sister Sara came to visit for T-day.
  9. San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park - we cycled through here on our first ill-fated journey to see the sea lions.
  10. The Presidio of San Francisco - BUT only the shoreline part w/Chrissy Field. We haven't made it to the inside part yet b/c it's rather hilly and I'm a wimp.
  11. Precita Park - a small neighborhood park that we stopped at on our way up to Bernal Heights.
  12. Bernal Heights Park - so windy. If you zoom into the picture of me on the top, you will see me making a really weird face. That's me in the process of whimpering about how cold it was up there.
  13. Coyote Point County Recreation Area - we went here with Chris, a friend from college, back in September one afternoon. It was a ten+ mile bike ride on which I was often lagging behind. We did cycle right by the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge on our way there.
  14. Ocean Beach - not technically listed as a park, but I think it should be. We walked on the sand and flew our pocket kite.
The next ones on our list are:
Here's a really neat video of the sunrise from Twin Peaks. I don't think we'll make it up there early enough to see that though. It's quite a hike from where we are.
Twin Peaks San Francisco Sunrise (HDR time-lapse) from Chad Richard on Vimeo.

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