Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As promised

Here are some pictures of our place in the Lower Haight. We're still in the process of decorating. Currently, we're trying to figure out how to hang our paper lamps without attaching them to the walls or ceilings. I think we have it figured out and it should be a fun project that I'll be sure to share later. Until then, enjoy these meager offerings...

Our house number lit up at night.

The view of the fire escape out the right side of our bay window.
The view out the left side of our bay window.

Our photos from the Musee Mechanique on the fridge.

The kitchen, which now has a microwave as well.
The top of our dresser.

Our bathroom window and toiletries.

Me, taking a picture of me, in the bathroom mirror.
The birds Tanya got for me in India that are hanging by the closet.

Our enormous light fixture.

The light fixture in context of our bed and desk.

Our fridge and dining area.

Detail of what's kept on the island/table/counter area.

It's small, but it's home. I'll try to have Martin take some better pictures at some point.

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