Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A newsworthy event

Here's the scoop, for those whom we have yet to tell,
Martin and I are moving to San Francisco!

For my friends and family
who have yet to meet him,
this is Martin.

For Martin's friends and
family who have yet to meet
me, this is me, Lauryn.

Martin's company is moving their headquarters from Atlanta to the Bay Area (Mountain View to be exact). They offered everyone the opportunity to move there. And it seemed, to us, that this was a great opportunity. Martin's been wanting to explore other parts of the world since I met him (he was supposed to join the Peace Corps, but stayed because of me). And since all of my jobs are tied to the academic calendar, summer was a good time for me to let my employers (Moving in the Spirit, APAL and Emory Schwartz Center) know that I was leaving.

So here we are. Our last day in Atlanta is tomorrow. Our room is a mess with boxes and half packed bags. I'm still trying to get rid of some of my furniture from my old apartment (Anyone in Atlanta need a HUGE bulletin board, a fake marble bedside table, or a blue rocking armchair?). We're both exhausted, and at the same time, we can't wait for Friday when we load up the car, head west on I-20, and start this crazy, exciting, new adventure!

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Milagros said...

Hello sweet pea! Martin looks a bit suspicious, but huggable! Look out West Coast for here comes my darlin' and her beau on their way to many interesting adventures together.Love and kisses!