Friday, August 29, 2008

A few firsts from our 1st week here...

First apartment viewed - Last Sunday. It was in Nob Hill. It was a no. I'm not too keen on living in a neighborhood with "hill" in the name anyway.

First major fall on my bike - I'm fine, just a bruise on the hip and a scrape on the arm, right where I tend to lean on it :/ I would suggest, if you ever cycle over trolley tracks, try to keep it as close to a right angle as you can. I'm kind of proud that it took me so long to wipe out on my bike since I've been cycling for five months now. Oh yeah, we were on the way to view the apartment

First siting of the elusive, almost-mythical sea lions - We cycled right by them. Twice. It took having our roommate, Michael, take us there during our whirlwind driving tour of San Francisco, which also included Danielle Steele's estate and Danny Glover's place.

First commute - On Monday, Martin started heading to his office in Mountain View. It's a 15 minute cycle to the train station. An hour long train ride. And a 2 minute cycle to the office. He's getting a lot of reading done.

First crepes - My friend from high school, Ben, took us to a crepe restaurant for dinner one night. I had the Ratatouille and mushrooms crepe. It was really good! It was the first time I had Ratatouille too.

First milonga - Wednesday night, I cycled to my first milonga here. My first milonga in a long time actually. Maybe first of the year. It was fun. They did a great job, in my opinion, of mixing traiditional music sets with un-traditional music sets. I only danced with a few people. I'm really bad about asking people to dance myself. I usually leave that up to the guys. I had a great time people watching though.

First yoga class - I think I may have found my yoga studio, though if we don't end up living near by that may change. I went to my first class this morning. And yes, Floyd was there, and he was taking class with us. To understand that you'll have to click on the link to the yoga studio website.

That's all for now, we have a long weekend ahead of us full of apartment showings and exploring. I'll try to bring the camera with us on some of our journeys.

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TerryMichaelMenard said...

Looks like you fell near where your mom and I stayed at when we visited several years ago... about 2 blocks further east.

Great shot of you and Martin on the rim!