Saturday, August 16, 2008

It begins

We did it! We fit everything we wanted to take in the Honda Accord the rental place gave us. I don't know how Martin did it, because I ran away (to get a new phone and plan, don't worry the number is the same). When I came back, all that were left were odds and ends that I easily found places to stuff them. True, we can't see out of the rear view mirror, but that's what side mirrors are for, right?

Amazingly, we left only an hour behind schedule and that was because we had to stop to load up on snacks, get a car adapter for the mp3 player, and to get a road map. We also gave ourselves a treat before leaving and had brunch at the Highland Bakery, one of Martin's favorite places. And we got into Little Rock only a half hour behind schedule, which was only due to the time change.

Our route - Atlanta to Birmingham, up to Memphis and over to Little Rock.

Highlight - finally figuring out a good use of the poorly designed gps system outside of
Memphis by using it to find a really cool local coffee shop (with wireless).

Low point - Throwing away the manual to the mp3 plug-in/radio thingy and not being able to listen to our tunes in populated areas (too much radio interference).

Miles driven - the trip tick says 519, but I didn't start it until OTP (outside the Atlanta perimeter) so you should add at lease 10 to 15 miles.

Next on the menu - Heading to Oklahoma City for lunch with Aunt Joni and her boys. Then onto Santa Rosa, NM where we have a campsite for the night.


Lubie said...

Hey Lauryn! It's so nice to hear from you -- I'm glad that you put me on your list of contacts. It sounds like your trip across the country is the beginning of a wonderful journey. Keep writing! I love travel stories. :) - Tina

kribril said...

hey Lauryn and Martin,
Nice to hear from you guys as you go on a wonderful journey! We will miss you for Turkey day in Jackson. Good luck in California. Next time make a stop by your "Missipi cuzin's" We wish you two the very best!
Brian, Kristi, Cole and Kathryn
that's right, Cole is back with us....for now!

Arizonan said...

Great blog! Your description of the packed rental Honda reminds me of my trip west. I was so proud to fit everything I needed into my little Hyundai. Travel safely and enjoy the amazing scenery. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in AZ!