Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Sunday Someday!

the SF skyline from Buena Vista park after some serious playing around in iphoto.

Some things that had me smiling on Sunday:
  • Making pancakes from a box and grilled soysage for breakfast
  • Getting a call from my dad thanking me for his father's day gift
  • An afternoon walk to a coffee shop turning into a ferris wheel ride at the county fair (sadly sans camera)
  • Finding out about volunteering at the Alamany Farm from someone who happens to take class at the ODC Dance Commons, which is where I work
  • Going to my first Sci-Fi book club meeting and not making a fool of myself as we discussed Bruce Sterling's The Caryatids
  • Having the person ahead of me in the check-out line at Rainbow compliment me on my wine selection, which to be honest was completely random
  • Breaking out the much neglected board games of Carcassonne and Pandemic after dinner

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