Monday, February 16, 2009

Been feeling a bit reclusive

Maybe it was moving from a Monday through Friday work schedule to a Tuesday through Saturday work schedule. Maybe it was the sudden shift in weather from sunny and warm to cold and rainy. Maybe it was the increased amount of work Martin's been doing because his company will be releasing an update on their product soon.

Then again, maybe it wasn't anything in particular. In any case, I'm back for a while. I've set some posts to go off over the next few days with some videos, thoughts, and pictures that I've collected over the past few weeks.

For starters, here are some pictures of the delicious dinner of red curry with eggplant and tofu that I made for us tonight and of the egg-less chocolate cookies I made yesterday afternoon. I guess I've also been feeling domestic :). Please note our fabulous dishes that my friends made me two years ago for my birthday. I still love them and use them everyday!

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Martin said...

You're my favorite hermit.