Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Krista!

Krista, our cousin Nathan and me when we were much younger.

My one and only sister came to visit me here in San Francisco a few months ago and today is her 25th birthday! Here's a few pics of this crazy chick (she's currently jumping out of a plane for her birthday) who was the perfect minion for her older sister when we were growing up.

Krista posing on top of Tank Hill with San Francisco in the background.

Krista cart-wheeling on a fallen tree in Muir Woods.

Krista ... being Krista.


Joan said...

great photo cutie pie you guys are so stinkin cute
still stinkin cute
now we have Martin being cute too!!!!You guys have awesome desert fairies living in your house. looks yummy

Joan said...

this works now funnnnnn